Thursday, November 13, 2008


How many times have we heard not to judge a book by it's cover? Yet, when I first laid eyes on the NapaStyle homepage I almost brushed it off as it didn't seem to be my style. HOWEVER, I have been pleasantly surprised and am glad to share a few of their unique products.

(But first, their homepage as I recently view it)

These lovelies are handcrafted in Spain from recycled glass and range from $35 to $98.

On the website they seem excited that this ANTIQUE silverware is available by the pound. While that is nice, I am thrilled to find a resource for something so classic and quality.

I had a similar idea with the flatware...I thought it would be fun to grab all my silverware from the local thrift store. Although it took me almost two hours to dig through the giant buckets of kitchen junk, I didn't find anything quite as beautiful as on NapaStyle!

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