Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Success at D.I.

I always have so much fun looking for hidden goodies at thrift stores! Here is what I found today at the Deseret Industries on State street in Provo. Before I forget, things go so fast in this place! One of the items I photographed was in someone's cart before I left. I hope this post is inspirational at least, if none of the items are left in the store when you go look around.

This beautiful piece of pottery is legit! I looked up the company online and found a lot of their other work for sale on antique websites. It was $1.50.

Cute little thing, only one dollar.

I realllly like this teapot! You can see the price, it's a great buy.

This vase is at least 15 inches tall. It's a great plum color so if you have plum accents in your room, pick it up...QUICK! For $1.

I guess I was into pottery today :) This is a ceramic planter, 6 inches around the widest part and 4 around the mouth. Also one buck-a-roo.

This is the one I saw in somebody's cart when I was leaving. And no wonder! It is super cute with so much potential for just $9.

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