Monday, December 21, 2009

Chair Of The Week 3 (and international searches)

Sometimes I like to search for things on other country's Google homepages. Lately Afghanistan has been on my mind because my brother in law is in the Marines there. So I decided to search for a chair on the Afghan Google. Here is a simple how-to so you can do your own international searches.

1. Decide what countries' Google homepage you want to use. Here are a few that have searched on before:

Italy -
Czech Republic -
Germany -
Iceland -
and (as of today) Afghanistan -

I usually just guess what the ending is, or I'll do a search for "Italy's Google". But make it easy on yourself and look here for a nice list.

I thought this one was funny. Arrrr. Um ok, back to chairs and doing international searches.

2. Decide what you want to search for and translate it into that country's native language.

3. Copy and paste the translation into the Google search bar and hit enter.

4. Examine results. I prefer to look at images because I can't understand the text! However, there is sometimes a translate option or you can always use this again.

I hope you have fun with this! I think it's a great way to search outside the box and find totally new things.

Now I have finally come to the chair of the week! This giant introduction may not be fitting of the chair I found. It is a very unusual one, not attractive in my opinion and very bird cage-esque. However, I finally present to you...

Ya I know, it's strange. But to make up for it, I'm going to give you TWO chairs this week! Now time to unveil the second...
A very luxurious Arabian style. It's kinda growing on me :)

Wow, I learned so much about Google while doing this post! It ended up being more about teaching a search method than presenting an awesome chair, but I think it was worth it. Now go experiment with those international searches!

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