Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DI time

Since I slacked on posting the Savers items yesterday...I get to do 2 posts in a row! I know stuff goes really quickly at DI which is why I like to show it on here right away.

The base of this lamp is so hot! It's got white over-spray on it, but that can be easily scraped off. If you like the red crackle ceramic just leave it, otherwise paint this thing some awesome color! I'm not as stoked on the shade, but it's pretty easy to find another one. For $5 this tall (1.5-2 ft) lamp is a steal!

Ok this item is totally for art and design nerds. It's a light table! For only 7 dollars! I never had one of them, but my roommate did and it was great. It can be used for tracing drawings.

These globe hanging light fixtures were so big that I couldn't get a good picture of them. They are probably 18 inches in diameter. Oh man would they look cool over a bar in a modern home! I think they were $7.00 each, but it could have been 5 (can't remember)!

Love this Victorian style mirror!!! It was $25.00 and definitely worth it, measuring about 3 ft x 4 ft. It is breathtaking :)

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