Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Savers Has in Store

Yesterday I dropped by Savers in Orem to look for some lamp shades. Didn't find any of those, but here is what I did see...
A gorgeous glass bottle. I especially love it because there is this place called Gypsy Den in California where they have a ton of these stacked around. Here is a picture I found where you can kinda see the glass bottles in the top left corner.
And a close up of just one detail from the bottle. It was about a foot and a half tall and cost $5.99
I love this little elephant paper weight. The lines are so sculptural. It is only 3 inches tall and costs $3.99

A modern style wall clock. $5.99

I think this little end table would look awesome with some new paint and a fancy handle! It is $7.99, but all the furniture was 50% off when I was there yesterday.Ooo this rocking chair has some cool looking curves. It definitely needs fixing up, but the wood seems to be free of stain and probably just needs sanding, priming and painting (or staining). The upholstery is a velvety orange and pretty dirty. But I can just imagine how good this would look if someone had the time to spruce it up! $12.99 (again 1/2 off).

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Natasha said...

I have that blue glass bottle... my grandparents let us all pick out things we wanted for their house and it was my treasure... seriously almost exactly the same one. I better go check and make sure Mark didn't give mine away!