Saturday, August 1, 2009

Painted Plate Tutorial

Check out this fun crafty activity! It's totally simple, all you need is:

-a plate (I got mine from the thrift store for 0.50 to 0.75 cents each)
-sticky mailing labels (I used an 8.5 x 11 full sheet transparent label from staples)
-pen or pencil
-spray paint
-drop cloth or something to paint on

1) Clean the plate

2) Draw your design on the label. Make sure you draw on the front side so your design doesn't get flipped backwards when you stick it on the plate.

3) Cut out the design

4) Peel the adhesive and stick it on the plate in the way you like it

5) Set up your drop cloth and spray paint the plate with the color you like. Be sure to do a couple light coats so the paint doesn't pool. You don't need to cover the plate perfectly on the first coat.

6) Wait for the paint to dry. I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch from Home Depot because you only have to wait a couple minutes to re-coat and one hour until you can touch it.

7) When you feel like the paint is dry enough (2 hours to 24 hours later depending how patient you are) CAREFULLY peel stickers off the plate.
TIPS: use a safety pin to get right under the edge of the sticker then slowly move the pin along the edge. I had better luck peeling the stickers off when I waited a couple hours. On one plate I waited overnight and the paint was more brittle so it peeled off in places it wasn't supposed to. That could have been because I wasn't being as careful too so just be REALLY careful!

8) If you want extra protection add a coat of lacquer.


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