Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Forever Things

Over the last few months, both of the Apple computers in my family have broken. One is in semi-working condition now and the other is being repaired, so I have resigned myself to the PC (ugh). In my state of disarray, I have decided to do a post on things that DON'T break (or at least don't break easily or often). Get ready to get philosophical.

I can always count on some outdoor scenery to be there for me. Even if it's rainy like today, I can still find beauty outside my window.

What about a good book? That's not going to go and break on you.

I know I can also watercolor without worrying about breakage (and if something does break, it's totally my fault)!

Then of course, there is my family; we'll be together always :)

What are some other things that don't break, things we get to enjoy for a long time?

2nd image from artsjournal

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