Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympics Poster 1948

I love this Olympics poster that was on the Martin Klasch blog a few days ago.

Just goes to show how graphic design usually leads the way for product design. The starburst clock came out in the 50's. The one below is from the 60's (it's sold now, but it was from Found Vintage Style's Etsy shop).

This clock style is still popular today! Even Target has a version.


Total Beasty said...

Did you ever read The Female Quixote? I have a copy I am reading for one of my classes and I bought it used at the Little Old Book Shop in Whittier and it has K. Larsen written on the inside of the cover.

L&E Dub said...

That gold sun with the beams like that has been in art since the Renaissance period, actually I think it was before that! It is from Northern European religious paintings. I think they used to use it around halos... or maybe it was Spanish religious painting too and it was used around the virgin and Christ..